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Dr. Nichols Predicts the Top 5 Cosmetic Trends of 2021

Non-Surgical Face and Neck Lifts
Over time, I’ve found that many patients will avoid surgery at all costs. In today’s world, we all want results without the hassle and downtime of a surgical procedure. That is why in 2021, non-surgical face and neck lifts will become even more popular. At my practice, we will head into the new year with a focus on long-lasting, minimally-invasive thread lifts that correct sagging skin for immediate results, while also stimulating collagen for continued improvement in skin quality.

Healing Your Skin from The Inside Out
If 2020 has had one true pearl, it is that people have become increasingly focused on wellness and self-care. And I have always believed that beautiful skin is the result of a dedication to healthy living both inside and out. So in 2021, I predict my clients will  take advantage of the many  wellness treatments that we offer here, such as Far Infared treatments, Vitamin IVs, B12 and B-Complex shots, hair and collagen supplements.

Using Botox® in New Ways
As an Allergan ExpertInjectorTM, I have been administering Botox® for over fifteen years, and have trained other physicians in advanced techniques used for wrinkle reduction. However, what most people don’t know is that Botox® has an array of cosmetic uses besides treating wrinkles. For instance, when injected into  the jaw muscles (the masseters) of the lower face, it decreases the size of the masseters, creating a sleek facial slimming effect. And in a procedure called Pore-minimizing Microtox, I inject Botox® superficially into facial skin to reduce pore size and oil production. I know that the coming year will only bring more innovative ways to use Botox® all over the body.

Signature Combination Treatments
Skin is dynamic. Therefore, in my consultations with patients, I tell them that my approach to anti-aging involves skin tightening and lifting, smoothing and volumizing, texture and tone, and at-home skincare. One treatment doesn’t do it all; so  what I love to do is to devise customized plans that involve a combination of treatments (many done the same day!) which give my patients optimal results.  Some of my most popular combination treatments include my Greenwich Non-Surgical Mommy Makeover, the Jawline Contouring treatment, and the Tech Neck procedure. And in the new year, I will offer a host of new bespoke treatments and skincare for my patients so stay tuned.

All About the Eyes
Although we hope to be done with masks forever in 2021, the one upside of masks has been that people learned to truly appreciate that their eyes are the most important feature of their face. And this is not going to change when masks go away. In the coming year there will continue to be a huge uptick in eye-related treatments. And one of my favorite combo treatments for eyes are our Signature Total Eye Rejuvenation treatments and brow lifts, which make my patients look refreshed, younger, like 2020 didn’t affect them at all (LOL)! Whatever the new year brings, my team and I are ready to help you gain the confidence to live your best lives every day. I look forward to seeing you at NicholsMD of Greenwich soon!