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What to Expect

Each patient begins their skincare journey with an initial consultation to discuss goals and potential treatment options with one of our board-certified Physician Assistants – it is also common to do treatments at the same time as the consultation. All New Patient Consultations require a $75 deposit, which then gets credited towards any same-day treatment or product purchases. 


Pre Treatment 5
If you wear makeup to your
appointment, we’ll need to remove
it before your treatment. 
Pre Treatment 4
Avoid Retinol, active ingredients,
and at-home peels for at least 7
days prior to your treatment. 
Pre Treatment 3
Avoid Botox or filler
treatments, or resurfacing for at
least 2 weeks prior. 
Post Treatment 2
If you’ve been sunburned
recently, it’s best to wait 3 weeks
to a month before this treatment.
Pre Treatment 2
Let your provider know of major
social events so treatments
can be planned accordingly.
Pre Treatment 1
Avoid taking ibuprofen
the night prior to
your treatment.


Post Treatment 3
Use gentle skincare products
for the first week after
your treatment.
Post Treatment 2
Minimize sun exposure
for at least two weeks.
Post Treatment 1
Apply ample SPF for
optimal sun protection.
Post Treatment 6
Avoid alcohol and salty
foods for a few days after
your treatment.
Post Treatment 5
Avoid picking any skin
peeling or flaking.
Post Treatment 4
Any bruises post-treatment
can be touched up with a
complimentary bruise laser. 
Please contact us directly at (203) 862-4009 for pre-and-post-care questions directly relating to your treatment.